Our Ministries 



Ministerial Staff-DR. HOPE ROZIER- BRYANT
Deacon Board-Dea. Clyde Capers, Chairman
Sunday School- Dr. Hope R. Bryant & Dea. Melvin Breland, Superintendent
Missionary Department/Baptismal Committee- Sis. Tammy Brown, Chairlady
Sheperd'S Ministry- Sis. Lillie R. Bing, Chairlady
Men of Distinction- Dea. Scott D. Stephens, Chairman
Women of Wisdom and Knowledge- Sister Lois White, Chairlady
Intouch Ministries- Mot. Sannie M. Williams, Chairlady
Light in the Evening Time(Prison Ministry)- Evang. Iva R. Capers & Sis. Sonya R.Stephens
Outreach Ministries- Bishop Paul M. Capers, Coordinator
Youth Department- Minister Seth N. Capers, President
Music Ministry- Dea. Joel C. Bradley, Head Musician
Usher Board- Sis. Sonya R. Stephens
Media & Programming- Mot. Daisy H. Lawton
Kitchen Staff- Mot. Myrtis Lingard, Supervisor
Transportation Department-  Coordinator
Temple Choir-Sis. Regina Bradley,Director
Missionary Choir-Sis. Lillie Bing and Sis. Edith Capers,Directors
Youth Choir-Sis. Eunice Wright, Directors