Lively Stone Temple  


Bishop Paul M. Capers 
Senior Pastor

Bishop Talmadge L. Wiggins
Pastor-LST Bamberg
Elder Seth N. Capers 
Assistant Pastor
Elder Joseph L. Taylor, Jr.
Assistant Pastor
Elder Kenneth Capers 
Evangelist Eva M. Capers 
Evangelist Hope R. Bryant, Th. D
Minister Joel C. Bradley 
Chairman of Music Ministry 


Deacon Scott Stephens 

Chairman of Deacon's Board and Education Dept. 

Deacon Melvin Breland 

Vice Chairman of Deacon's Board and Christian Ed. Superintendent 

Deacon Clyde Capers 

Chairman of Deacon's Board

Deacon Gerald White 

 Vice Chairman of Deacon's Board 

Deacon Sam Capers 
Deacon Hartford Jones 
Chairman of Men of Distinction 
Deacon Matthew Bing 
Deacon Richard Cohen
Deacon Paul D. Capers
Deacon Bryan Colon
Deacon Bernard Singleton 
Deacon Tony Watson
Deacon Marvin Zimmerman
Deacon Kenneth Evans 
Deacon Will Doby
Deacon McKinley Stokes


Mother Daisy Lawton
Church Secretary and Church Mother
Sis. Lydia M. Council
Assistant Church Secretary
Sis. Cynthia Jones
Director of Praise and Worship 
Sis. Lillie R. Bing
President of the Shepherd's Ministry
Sis. Tammy Breland 
Director of Evangelism and Outreach
Sis. Sonya R. Stephens
President of the Ushers' Department
Sis. Jamie Stephens
Co-Director of Education Department
Sis. Edith Capers  
Christian Education Recording Secretary 


Mother Sannie M. Williams 

Chairlady of Deacons' Wives Auxiliary 
InTouch Ministry Leader
Church Pillar 


In Memory of

Evangelist Iva R. Capers 

We will meet you in the Rapture! 

LST Islandton
  • Islandton
  • 1406 Lively Stone Rd.
  • Islandton, SC
  • 29929
LST Columbia
  • Columbia
  • 51 Berkshire Dr.
  • Columbia, SC
  • 29223

LST Bamberg
  • Bamberg
  • 633 Orange Grove Rd.
  • Bamberg, SC 
  • 29003
LST Ridgeland
  • Ridgeland
  • 3021 Wagon Branch Loop
  • Ridgeland, SC
  • 29936

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